4 Tips to keep tabs on the stock market

Knowing more about your investments in the stock market is always prudent when it concerns your hard earned money. Keeping a close tab on the stock market for trading is integral to your overall economic well-being. Here are some tips that will better facilitate your ability to keep tabs on the volatile stock market.

Track Shares Manually

You can check the change in price of shares daily either through the business pages of a national newspaper or through the Internet. News channels usually also provide you with information on current share prices. Checking the daily price of your stocks will give your greater insight into your investments and the market as a whole.

Use Stock Tracking Applications

You can keep a tab on the stock market by using special apps to help you keep track of different investments. Some apps are freely available, while others may involve a small fee. Popular apps for checking the stock market include Stockwatch, Bloomberg+ and Yahoo Finance.

Obtain Charting Software

Many companies provide you with special software to track different stocks in your portfolios. Google finance is a type of charting software that helps you track and manage your shares. Similarly, Yahoo finance will display the statistics of the stock market for most companies. This software will display charts to give you a overview of the share value of any company you’re looking for.

Keep An Eye on the Economy

To keep a tab on the stock market, you have to compare it in relation to the performance of the entire economy. Log into news websites and keep track of everything going on in your local market and how it compares to the situation of the global market. Log on to research websites that study economies and keep track of what is happening to protect your investments.The stock market can be highly unpredictable and can even change by the minute. You must be a vigilant investor to gain better returns. Keep yourself updated with market movements and fluctuations by using these smart tips.